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Wood species

White Ash
[ Fraxinus americana ]
Oak lumber

White Ash sapwood has a creamy white colour and its heartwood is light to dark brown. White Ash hardwood is ideal for sporting goods such as sticks and rackets. It is also used in architectural millwork, furniture and flooring.

Genuine Mahogany
[ Swietenia Macrophylla ]
Oak lumber

[ Prunus serotina ]
Oak lumber

Cherry wood is greatly valued by connoisseurs. It has a white to light yellowish cream sapwood with a heartwood varying from deep red to reddish brown. Cherry wood is often used in the fabrication of furniture, mouldings, architectural millwork, flooring and cabinetry.

Hard Maple (sap)
[ Acer saccharum ]
Oak lumber

Hard Maple sapwood is ivory-white with a slight reddish-brown tinge. Its heartwood has a greyish brown to dark tan colour. This American hardwood is mainly used in cabinetry, mouldings, furniture, architectural millwork as well as dowels, turnings, joinery, trims and other decorative features.

White Oak
[ Quercus alba ]
Oak lumber

With its near-white sapwood and its grayish brown heartwood, White Oak hardwood is extremely popular, especially on the global market. It is commonly used in furniture making, flooring, mouldings, turnings and architectural millwork.

Red Oak
[ Quercus Rubra ]
Oak lumber

Red Oak hardwood is particularly hard and robust. It comes in distinctive light pink to dark reddish brown wood tones. Red oak is highly valued for casket-making, flooring and turnings. It is also used for cabinetry work, furniture, mouldings and architectural millwork.

Black Walnut
[ Juglans Nigra ]
Oak lumber

With its chocolaty-brown heartwood and a white to light brown sapwood, the Black Walnut is one of North America’s highest-quality hardwoods. It is used in high-class construction work, distinctive furniture, mouldings and casket-making.

Soft Maple
[ Acer rubrum ]
Oak lumber

Soft Maple (also called red maple) is considered softwood, slightly lighter than hard maple. Its sapwood ranges from pale to almost white, while its heartwood ranges from grey to pale reddish brown. Soft Maple wood is ideal for furniture making, mouldings, turnings and architectural millwork.

Yellow Birch
[ Betula alleghaniensis ]
Oak lumber

The North American Yellow Birch has a grain pattern similar to that of the hard maple. Its sapwood is creamy white to light yellow, with a reddish brown heartwood. Yellow birch wood is commonly used in flooring, furniture making, turnings, architectural millwork and mouldings.

[ Fagus grandifolia ]
Oak lumber

With its white sapwood, reddish heartwood and a mainly close texture, Beachwood is known for its versatility and its great export value. It is used for handles, furniture, mouldings, flooring, sporting goods and millwork.

White Birch (Pin Cherry)
[ Prunus Pensylvanica ]
Oak lumber

The White Birch (also called Pin Cherry) has every ideal characteristic required to manufacture high-end products. With its brownish to deep red heartwood and creamy white sapwood, White Birch wood is highly appreciated for cabinetmaking and furniture making. It is also used for mouldings, architectural milling and more specific wood products.

Yellow Poplar
[ Liriodendron Tulipifera ]
Oak lumber

[ Tilia ]
Oak lumber

Oak ash

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Available Thicknesses

  • 4/4 (25 mm)
  • 5/4 (31,5 mm)
  • 6/4 (37,5 mm)
  • 8/4 (50 mm)
  • 10/4 (62,5 mm)
  • 12/4 (75 mm)

All our wood lumber products are available in the following quality categories :

*Hardwood sample shown on the images below is Hard Maple


No1 Common

No2 Common

Ash lumber maple lumber
Oak and maple
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