Our processes

Hardwood for Export

Exulon’s international department is solidly established.
We have been exporting our hardwood products to all five continents since 1991.

  • All our wood products are prepared according to the export industry standards as well as our clientele requirements
  • All export documentation is carefully prepared in compliance with the specific requirements of our clientele and destination countries
  • Fast and ongoing correspondence is guaranteed in order to ensure quotes and prices that are competitive on the international markets

Meticulous Drying Techniques

Exulon considers the wood drying process as an art form, and our results speak for themselves. When dealing with Exulon Produits Forestiers, our clientele can rely on the highest quality products, thanks to our meticulous drying techniques:

  • Meticulous handling
  • Wood piled with care
  • Ongoing monitoring of drying conditions (air velocity, temperature, humidity level)
  • High quality conditioning at the end of the process

Exulon leaves nothing to chance. Our computerized system ensures that our hardwood is constantly digitally monitored. We use divided drying chambers for each species to guarantee the best available controlled environment.

We use the following drying processes:

  • Kiln dried (KD)
  • Shipping dried (SD)

All bundles are prepared according to the following industry standards:

  • Two (2) lengths per bundle
  • Double end trimmed
  • Painted ends
  • Solid metal straps
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