Cabinetmaking products

Exulon Produits Forestiers has developed a service specifically designed for local and Canadian cabinetmakers, to ensure them access to the same quality of hardwood products as our international clientele. Local cabinetmakers and other professionals can therefore be easily supplied with smaller quantities of the same hardwood species, dried and prepared according to our meticulous techniques.


We carry a wide selection of hardwood species in order to meet the needs of all your woodwork projects:

  • turnings
  • mouldings
  • furniture
  • handles of all kinds
  • architectural ornaments
  • sporting goods

Consistency in quality. Product stability. Advantageous prices.

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All our hardwood products are available in the following quality categories :

*Hardwood sample shown on the images below is Hard Maple


No1 Common

No2 Common

our vast selection
of hardwood species

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